Here are my singing lesson prices:

ONE HOUR - £26

The majority of my singing students have an hour's lesson each week, with a few taking their lessons once a fortnight. It is completely up to you how often we hold our lessons! For younger students I have found from experience that a half hour lesson each week works best, for more information simply get in touch!

Male & Female Singers

I teach both male and female students of all ages, covering a huge array of styles and helping my students learn through singing the songs that they love! My lessons are individually tailored to each of my students, helping them build confidence, develop tone and vocal strength.

I teach all my singing lessons from my home studio located on Tismeads Crescent, SN1 4DP, right in the heart of Swindon. 

To book your first singing lesson, or to find our more, email me or call 03458 690679.

Learn to sing
Jules is a fantastic voice coach here in Swindon! She taught me to sing through helping me learn the songs that I love, building my confidence, tone and style in the process!