Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach beginners?

Yes! I can help you even if you are a beginner who has never sung a note before, through to advanced singers. Nobody ever needs to feel that they cannot sing because they believe they are tone deaf, from years of teaching I know that regular singing lessons and practice will improve your singing ability and musicality enabling you to sing the songs that you love. I also teach more advanced students, including vocalists who gig in and around Swindon, helping them to keep their voice conditioned and fine tuned for live performance.

Do you teach children?

I certainly do, I teach from ages 9 upwards, with my eldest student being over 70! Singing is a fantastic skill for your child to develop, helping them build confidence but most of all have fun. Parents are welcome to sit in during our lessons and even join in should they want!

Where will the lessons be located?

I teach all of my lessons from my home studio located on Tismeads Crescent, Old Town, SN1 4DP. It is a perfect place to learn to sing with great transport access from around Swindon and beyond! Click on the map below to find out where I teach on Google maps.

Singing Lessons Swindon Map

What we will sing in our first lesson?

It is totally up to you! I am more than happy for you to bring a song of your choice or I can recommend something that will be suitable for you to try. In the first lesson we will talk about the type of music that you are passionate about and identify some songs that you would like to sing!

Do I need to bring anything for our first lesson?

Just yourself and any songs you might want to sing! I have equipment to play cd’s, mp3 or I often use online backing tracks. I can also supply lyrics and chords if you wish to suggest a song that you would like to work on.

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Male & Female Singers

I teach both male and female students of all ages, covering a huge array of styles and helping my students learn through singing the songs that they love! My lessons are individually tailored to each of my students, helping them build confidence, develop tone and vocal strength.

I teach all my singing lessons from my home studio located on Tismeads Crescent, SN1 4DP, right in the heart of Swindon. 

To book your first singing lesson, or to find our more, email me or call 03458 690679.

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Jules is a fantastic voice coach here in Swindon! She taught me to sing through helping me learn the songs that I love, building my confidence, tone and style in the process!